April 6, 2010

A Boost of Motivation!

I started out the day a little unmotivated. I decided to look at my Motivated Mom's list for the day and it gave me the boost to get started on my chores today.

Since it helped me I thought it might help you today, too!

Get Motivated in the Kitchen (and other rooms, too!)

I have found it! (Well, actually Kendra found it and I got the idea from her.) The perfect system...for me, anyway. Unless your name starts with 'M' and ends in 'artha' you probably need a little help staying organized and motivated. Motivated Moms has come up with close to the perfect solution! For only $8 you can be motivated for a whole entire year!!

What you do is click on the red box down there on the right side of my blog and it'll take you to their page. Or click on this LINK. You pay for the planner, download it, save it to your computer and print it out at your leisure. I use the top one, the 8.5" x 11" regular planner. I print out one month at a time and put it on my clipboard. I can NOT live without my clipboard!

They also have other types which include appointment sections, Bible reading plans, etc. I got the same version last year and loved it! It's not just a place to write things you have to do, but it keeps you motivated with certain house chores for each day so that you don't have to spend the whole day cleaning and so that you don't have to remember to do things like check the furnace filter, refill the toilet paper in the bathroom, etc. They remind you! Wonderful!!! I love it! Now go on and click on that button and take a peek!

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