April 3, 2010

Easter Menu Plan

Our family started an odd tradition a few years ago. We go out to a Chinese Buffet for dinner on Easter. I know...you would think we'd have ham or lamb or something with all sorts of side dishes. Since I have to get up super early (to me anything before 7 is early but we're talkin' before 6!) to get everyone around for church activities I don't cook a meal. At. All. So we go out to lunch or is it considered dinner? Of all places to go on Easter for lunch-dinner-maybe supper(?) the Chinese Buffet is the least crowded! It's so nice! So the point I'm making is that I've got nothing for you. Nada. No big fancy menu for Easter (we usually eat PB & J that night-- if we're even hungry at all!). Zippo. But I'll link to some of my favorite dishes that, did I ever happen to cook for Easter, might make my list. ; )

Ham and Popeye
Grandma Fray's Mac-n-cheese
Smashed potatoes
Cherry Cinnamon Applesauce

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