April 8, 2010

Old House French Toast

I've revamped one of our favorite family breakfast dishes, again. It was good before, but this time it has a secret ingredient! Brown sugar!  It adds a delicious flavor to the french toast. It's so scrumptious! 

Old House French Toast

1 loaf buttermilk bread (approx. 18 slices)

8 eggs beaten
2 tsp. cinnamon
1 T vanilla
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup brown sugar (loosely packed)

Mix everything (except the bread!) together well. I use my electric griddle to cook french toast. I set it between 375 and 400, but use the temp you think is best and keep your eye on them! Lift up a corner...when the one side is done...flip 'em!  These are really good with Old House Baked Eggs, but we often have them all by themselves.  Enjoy!


marchmarriage said...

Hi! I love breakfast foods! I'm not sure if you've tried this in your search for a recipe, but my family has always made French toast by whisking the eggs and then covering it with equal layers of cinnamon and nutmeg (we use milk and vanilla, too). And I usually cook my pancakes and French toast at high heat, around 400 or higher. Another yummy side are some "breakfast potatoes." Potatoes cut into cube sized pieces, seasoned with salt, pepper, and season all, then cooked over low to medium heat in a couple tablespoons of oil (my mom used leftover bacon fat or whatever leftover oil was there) stirring often for about an hour. (that's why it's nice to make these for dinner or a really late breakfast). My husband likes ketchup with potatoes, but I love dipping these in the syrup as I eat French toast. :)

Sorry to leave such a long comment!


Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Thanks for the comment Karen!! Not too long at all! ; )
The potatoes sound yummy! We like breakfast for dinner, too! I'll have to give it a try!
Regarding the cinnamon...I've been known to just sprinkle it on the toast as it's on the griddle! I'll have to give a little nutmeg a try, too! Thanks! : )

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