September 24, 2010

October's Menu Plan

Behold the (tentative) October Menu Plan.    
The great thing about BigOven is that I can swap a meal around without redoing the whole thing.  
Then I just print out the new one!  

You should be able to click on it to enlarge.  I'll post links to the recipes that have posted at some point this weekend.  Or you can search for them in the search bar if you don't want to wait for me.  : )


Anonymous said...

I love your site! Your recipes are so simple and delicious! Your chili recipe is in the crock pot right now, I have made it many times before and it is smelling so good right now :o) Have a wonderful birthday! :o)

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Aw...thank you! Enjoy the chili! And thanks for the early birthday wishes! : )

Unknown said...

So, I'm new to the site. Just gave birth to our eighth child. So I'm guessing I'll become a regular here. I love to "visit" the homes of other large families. Anyway, I noticed you have an "L" and "D" after your meals. What do those mean? And what is this BigOven you speak of? Is it a menu planning program? I see lots of questions coming your way in the near future! And Happy Early Birthday!

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Welcome, Beth!
Congrats on number 8!! What a blessing!
"L" means Lunch and "D" means Dinner. On Sundays our big meal is Lunch...Dinner is usually leftovers. : )
Thank you for the early birthday wishes! :)

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