October 27, 2010

November Menu Plan

I really love my BigOven recipe program!  It made menu planning a snap!  I got November's menu done in an hour or so.  I only include dinner because breakfast and lunch are up in the air each day.  We rotate between bagels (I shop at the bread outlet for inexpensive bagels), baked oatmeal, muffins, pancakes and eggs...you get the idea.  Once in a while I'll cave and we'll have cereal but my gang can down two boxes (easily) in one breakfast!  Lunch is usually left overs or cheese quesadillas or pb &j. 

If you need a walk through of the BigOven program go to THIS TUTORIAL for more info.  Also, if you are interested in buying I have a "Buy BigOven" sort-of button on the side column.  If you'd click through that to buy, that'd be great!  Please and thank you!  : )

I also need to note that last month I had lofty goals of linking to each recipe here.  About 95% of them are on my blog and there is a search tool at the side bar.  If you could please search through there that would be wonderful!  Also, the (D) stand for dinner.  If I included something for breakfast and lunch there would be (B)'s and (L)'s. 

Here you go!  (Click on the calendar to enlarge.)


irene said...

Hi, I just bought this program and check everywhere...Could you please tell me how I can add a picture when I import a recipe? Thank you

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Sure Irene,

Just go to the recipe you want to add a picture to. Click on the "Notes/Tags" button. Then at the bottom you will see "Image". You can then click on "Browse" to select an image from something you have on your computer or click "Paste JPG" if you've already copied an image location.

Hope that helps. :)

irene said...

yes, it did. thanks so much.

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