October 7, 2010

Queen of the Castle: Week 40

For those of you playing along...(if you've just joined us you can get caught up a bit here) we are on week 40 of the book Queen of the Castle: 52 weeks of encouragement for the uninspired, domestically challenged or just plain tired homemaker.

This week's chapter is titled "The Joys of Leftovers".  Lynn suggests making leftovers less obvious. She shared a story about how she spruced up "leftover night" with a quick and easy menu of all the options, threw in some jokes and a fake French accent and the family was happy.  We don't always have the option of eating out when there's "nothing" in the fridge.  We have to be creative.

My advice:  Plan your leftovers wisely.  Roast a few chickens in the roaster one night served with baked potatoes, a side salad and rolls.  The next night chop up the left over chicken, season with taco seasoning and serve with taco shells, the left over salad, and whatever else you need for taco night.  If you have extra chicken left over from the roast that you didn't add to the taco seasoning you can freeze that in baggies of about 2 cups each.  Easy to thaw and toss in with noodles and a can of chicken gravy served with a side of mashed potatoes for a quick meal.

Baked potatoes make a great addition to left overs.  (If you thought ahead and made a ton of baked potatoes the night you roasted the chicken then you just have to warm them up!) You can add whatever meat (or chili) you have on the top with sour cream, cheese, etc..  Eggs are another quick fix.  Scramble eggs for dinner and serve with sausage, pancakes and fruit.  Whatever eggs and sausage are left over heat up in a skillet. Toss them in a soft tortilla with some shredded cheese.  Yummy!

"Author Cynthia Yates suggest living off what you have in your refrigerator, freezer, and cupboard for a time without buying anything new unless absolutely necessary.  "Try it.  Start with a week, then longer.   Using things up gets to be a habit, as does creativity.""
- - -

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect."  Romans 12:2

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