October 5, 2010

Welcome to Our Home!

We finally have all of our fall trimmin's up around the house and on the porches so I thought I'd share with you all our decorated home.  We've been asked if the house at the top of the blog is really ours.  Yep.  We love it!  It's pre-Civil war hand-hone beams in the basement, walnut staircase, creaky floors and all are a great reminder of our country's history.  We gather for dinner in our dining room thinking about who ate here over 150 years ago.  Kind of fun to think about Aunt Bessy cooking dinner on the wood stove way back when.  Even though we have lots of Amish neighbors I'm sure they heard a lot more horse and buggies going by back in the day.  

I'll start off with the formal entry...the front porch.  We never use it but it sure is fun to decorate!

 Here we have our side porch.  This is where our guests enter. 

This is by the back mudroom door.

When you arrive at our home you'll first enter the living room.  See that little old school desk?  
I got that for a little bit of nothin' at a garage sale!

 Here we have a shelf that's above the living room couch and the seasonal tree.  During the winter it's covered in burgundy pip berries, and little rustic ornaments.  The rest of the year it's decorated in Americana style.

Next we have the kitchen.  It's full of all sorts of Fall fun!  

" Today is a gift from God, remember to thank him!"

 Fall time sure is "Something to crow about..."!

 This is my shelf above my counter work space.  The rolling pin is my Mom's. It is one of the only wedding gifts left from their wedding back in 1960.  See the ladle?  That was my Great Grandma's.  

When visiting our home you would most likely enjoy a meal with our family at our large table.
  I'm sure you would enjoy the cozy fire here. See the two crystal pitchers?  One is my Mom's and the other was my Great Grandma's.   I love having bits of history and memories decorating our home!

A lot of friends love and adore this dining room.  We do, too!  It's the only room in the house with all of the original plaster in tact.  It also has a built in china cabinet perfect for our Blue Willow collection (wedding gifts!) and my Christmas dishes (stored in the bottom).  I call it the "George Washington Room".  Couldn't you just see old George at Mt. Vernon at a little antique table writing away?

Here are a few pictures of our bedroom.  While it's not decorated in a Fall theme it is special to us.  Growing up neither of us had matching bedroom furniture.  For many years of our marriage we had mismatch and made do with what we had.  When we moved into this house a few years ago we needed a new bed so we bought a few nightstands and dresser to match.  We love it and are so thankful for the many blessings we have in this home.

Well that's about it!  Thanks for stopping by my dream home in the country!  God Bless!

- - -

All seasons sweet, but autumn best of all.  -- Elinor Wylie


Marisol. S. said...

The Lord has blessed you all with a beautiful home!

Michelle said...

I love your home, the history, the decor, everything!! You are blessed!!

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, ladies! Thankful for the many blessings we have.

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