December 3, 2010

Christmas Menu

Did anyone else flip their calendar over the other day and discover a full December calendar?  Phew!  It's all fun and busy and I love it!  So for today's post here's our Christmas menu!

First of all I have to tell you that Christmas Eve we will have my in-laws over and my brother-in-law.  You know what we eat?  Pizza!  Yep!  We order pizza!  It's been our tradition for years.  I love it!  My MIL makes some yummy cookies and brings crackers and cheese, and dip, and I make some desserts.  We use red paper plates, plastic cups, and paper napkins.  It's divine!  We can focus on the evening!  The kiddos usually get a movie from either the grandparents or their uncle so we watch that after food and gifts and Christmas Eve service.

Then Christmas morning I usually make Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.  I made some from a recipe for Thanksgiving morning.  They were delicious!  I'll post the recipe soon, I promise!

While the rolls are baking the kiddos open their stockings from us.  After breakfast we read from the book of Luke, pray together and then slowly one by one enjoy the gifts.  Our kiddos enjoy exchanging gifts (I'll share how we "shop" for them in a later post.) along with hugs and thank you's.  Then us big kids (my mom, my hubby, and I) pass out our gifts to the kiddos and each other.  It's a lot of fun.

Then we enjoy our afternoon meal:

Ham and Popeye (No, not pot pie...check it out, really!) (recipe HERE)

Smashed Potatoes (recipe HERE)
Green Beans and Bacon (recipe HERE)
Crock Pot Mac-n-Cheese (recipe HERE)
For hubby's sake I might make some Stove Top Pork stuffing.  Original, I know.  *wink*
Homemade Rolls  (recipe HERE)

Pie!  Pretty much a repeat of Thanksgiving! 
Pumpkin Pie Squares (recipe HERE), Creamy Peach Pie (recipe HERE), a gluten free blueberry pie for my mom (I bought a gluten free crust mix...I'll try my hand at from scratch after the holidays.), and Blueberry and Cherry Pies (recipes HERE).  My original pie crust recipe is HERE, but I've found a new love.  I'll post that soon, too!  I'll have my little helpers in the kitchen, again!  That'll be fun! (We'll make them a few days before Christmas.)

After our feast we'll play games, take naps, play with our Christmas goodies, and enjoy each others' company.  Then later we'll nibble on left over ham and what-not.

Yep...that's pretty much it!  Isn't food bliss?  *sigh*

**Note**  I have at least one kiddo down with a bug as I write this (Thurs. afternoon).  I plan to post my answers to your questions on the "Just Ask" post for Saturday...unless I'm down for the count, too.  If you don't hear from me for a bit, you'll know why.  Pray for us, ya'll!  *smile*

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