December 28, 2010

Christmas Tour

Did you know there are 361 days until Christmas!  That thought either makes you giddy or makes you groan.  I love planning for Christmas.  I bought a few things for next Christmas already when my mom and I went craft/birthday gift/grocery shopping yesterday.  I thought I'd post pictures of the house for my sake and yours.  I was rather fond of my decor placements this year (most of them, anyway) and I will most likely forget what decorations went where so this will help me remember!  (I have collected so many things over the years, tweaked, refurbished, etc..) I also thought ya'll would like some inspiration for next know, in case you're in the mood to do some decor shopping for next year!  *wink*

View from the road.
The side porch.  See the sled?  That was mine when I was a child.  There's a larger one on the front porch that was my brothers.
This sled wreath will welcome you in!
Come on in!

I made this stacking/collapsible snowman years ago.

This little tree in the living room is decorated with tiny quilt square ornaments.

I love these skater/snowman guys -- I've had them for 8 years now!

Decor above the couch.

My little school desk all spruced (ha!) up for Christmas.
Welcome to the kitchen!

This room has a theme.  Gingerbread and yummy treats!


My hubby installed power cords to the tops of my cupboards!

I like to decorate the kitchen with "kitcheny" things!  Can you see the cookie cutters?

This tree is decorated with little cutting boards, rolling pins and gingerbread men.

Jars of gumdrops and peppermint sticks!  Yum!

Somehow the dining room became the "Nativity Room"...there are about 4 sets.

A dear sweet older friend gave this set to me years ago.  So special!


I switched the Advent Garland to the dining room windows. (They were a little bare.)
The office hutch gets a little snow village. 
  See the little church in the middle?  I bought that our first Christmas 16 years ago!  I've been adding to it, but it's difficult.  These are a certain brand that was sold in JoAnn's fabrics years ago.  I think it's Dickens somethingerother.  It's not Dept. 56, but something else.  I've found a few on eBay.  I saw some at a garage sale this summer but she wanted too much for them (in my opinion).  If you want to know I can go down in the basement and look in the storage tote, but right now I'm feeling a bit lazy. *smile*

The main Christmas tree lives in the office.

We take this picture every year!
This is a tree in the kiddos' play room.

The bathroom gets a little sprucing up, too!

Thanks for touring our home!  I'm going back to Christmas break so I'll write more again in the new year!


Anonymous said...

Your home looks absolutely beautiful!
Marianne Hanson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your home. It's so simple but yet beautiful!

Tina said...

I love your photos. Your home looks so cozy. And you gave me some ideas...for one, I'm headed to Hobby Lobby this week to buy some cardboard hat boxes..I want a snowman like that! I love snowmen!
Thank you for sharing!

L2L said...

I love the book shelf under the cabinet!! I love your home it is so warming and inviting. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Thank you for your kind words, ladies! Glad I gave you some inspiration, Tina! : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful home! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I want to come play at your house! I would just want to walk through each room over and over again. SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! And that cutie pie stackable snowman decoration...I've got to make me one of those! He's so precious!

~Kelly in MN

Leah said...

Had so much fun browsing through this post. Such great ideas you've got. But, wow - how do you get it all done with seven kids and a house to run? =) Don't know how I found your blog, but I'm loving it and will be your newest follower. Happy New Year!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

My favorite thing, by far.. is all the sweet little faces sitting on the staircase! That just makes me want a set of stairs for Christmas photos so bad!!! Love the tall skinny tree too. I always want one of those.. but then I want the real deal too... LOL Looks great, and so glad you shared!

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