January 17, 2011

Healthy Breakfasts

On the FB page we had a string of comments going about breakfasts.  What to fix and what to do so you aren't spending an hour in the kitchen just on breakfast alone.

Planning ahead helps a lot!  We have cold cereal maybe two days a week.  I save those days for when I don't feel well or we're in a hurry to get to piano, etc.  Delegating is very helpful if you have a child old enough to help out in the kitchen.  I have one daughter who loves to make muffins so she does that about every other week and those go great with yogurt.  Recipe for Bananaberry Muffins is HERE.

We have pancakes and scrambled eggs at least two days a week  I mix my pancake dry mix and keep it in a jar so all I have to do is scoop out the dry mix and add the milk, eggs, and melted butter.  The recipe is HERE. Scrambled eggs are inexpensive for us because we have about 10-ish laying chickens.  (We have several that aren't earning their keep. So they'll be butchered soon.)  My oldest son (13) loves to make scrambled eggs and my oldest daughter (12) usually runs the pancake griddle so that's a big help for me. I supervise!  *wink*  My scrambled egg recipe is HERE.  If you want something you can make the night before and just pop in the oven in the morning try my baked egg recipe HERE.

We have yogurt about two days a week.  I've started making my own and they love smoothies or yogurt in a bowl with granola.  Recipe for yogurt is HERE, granola recipe is HERE.

If none of the above sounds good I make baked oatmeal.  I keep a few batches of the dry ingredients mixed together in baggies in an old oatmeal container.  The recipe is HERE.  I'm going to get brave enough one day to make it the night before and put it in the crock pot.  I'm hesitant, though, because I know it won't be as crispy on the edges and I have a few kiddos who love the crispy edges.  Some day I'll be brave.  Ha!

So there you have it...my breakfast ideas.   They're not 100% healthy since some contain sugar and what-not, but so much better than processed and pre-packaged foods.  Feel free to comment with links to recipes and other ideas.  I love getting new ideas and enjoy "meeting" ya'll!

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cooperkelly4 said...

I was just soaking some steel cut oats to try for the first time in my crockpot. lol. I have a breakfast casserole for the crockpot that I use once a week at least. =0)

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