January 19, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

I visited the doctor Monday.  It had been about three years since that kind of visit.  You know, the one that involves instruments and paper clothing?  I wasn't slacking or anything.  Uh uh.  Nope.  Not me. *sigh* I had put it off long enough.  I want to start the year off healthy so I decided to bite the bullet and go.

It wasn't good.  I really don't think they put a mirror behind the door so I could check my teeth for broccoli before the doctor came in.  Nope.  It was there to torment me; and any woman who dared disrobe in that room for that matter.  I'm  pretty sure they put one of those carnival mirrors in there.  You know, the kind that makes you look all round and blobby?  Why couldn't they have put in one that makes you look tall and slim?  Maybe then women would want to go!  Anywho...after I scared myself in the mirror I had the ordeal of donning a lovely outfit. Can I just say that blue plastic/paper jackets and white paper sheets to cover the nether regions is not the way I like to greet someone I haven't seen in a while.  (By the way, in my defense even Elle Macpherson could not work that ensemble!) Oh and dark brown knee socks.  I kept those on.  It was my only form of dignity. Well that and I don't have very pretty feet so I thought I'd spare him that one atrocity.  After I strategically sat down I realized that keeping the brown socks on where not a good idea.  I felt like an old man wearing black socks with white tennis shoes.

So in came doc and I beat him to the punch.  I told him a.) I know it's been over three years and I pinky promise to never, ever skip a year (or two, or three- a-hem) ever, ever again.  O.k. well I didn't pinky promise.  And b.) I know I need to lose weight.  He giggled and said I took all the fun out of this visit.  Ha!  I really do like our doctor.  He has a great sense of humor.  And he can appreciate the fact that a busy momma of seven children would have a hard time making it in to the doctor by herself and that she might have a small weight issue.  He has seven children, too.  I like his style.  He rocks.  A-hem.

Back to the visit.  Aside from waiting for the results from the test and getting my blood drawn to see if there are any other issues like thyroid, cholesterol, sugar, etc. and waiting for those results I'm good to go.  I know...I'm in denial.  I know I'm not good to go.  He told me so.  I need to eat healthy, exercise, and therefore lose weight.  That would solve a lot of my issues.  One of those issues is the fact that I have a ton of clothes collecting dust in my closet that need to be used and abused before they go out of style and then come back in style again.   Remember the large belts and ballet flats in the late 80's?  Hello?!

So today begins a new weekly seriesWeight Loss Wednesday.  I will share with you how I'm doing.  I may eventually post my weight.  When I'm delirious.  But for now I'll share a healthy living tip each Wednesday.  I will, however, let you in on my goal.  I would like to lose 20 pounds.  If it takes me the year then so be it.  The sooner the better, though.  How am I going to do it?  Well I lost a lot of weight years ago after baby number four.  Now, mind you, I was nursing so it was a lot easier.  Maybe it was harder because I wanted to eat everything in sight?  I can't remember much.  I've slept since then.  *wink*  But if I did it before I can do it again. 

My advice for you this week?  Two words:  Portion Control.  I don't plan to starve myself.  I love food too much!  Have you seen some of the recipes I share on this blog?  Food was meant to be enjoyed!  The Bible is full of all sorts of "feasts".  It's evident that God gave us food to enjoy.  Something that I plan to do is eat one small portion of each dish in a meal and that's it.  Maybe make it a little smaller.  Eating on a luncheon plate helps a lot.  (You know it's the size between a dinner plate and a dessert plate.)  If you don't have the room there's nowhere to put all the food.  Make sense?

What about you?  Will you begin your quest today of eating healthy so you can live a healthy life?  Try that one thing this week; portion control.  Remember it's good to have a goal! 


Rachel Dew said...

I'm a slacker too about going to the doctor, and sad to say I don't have the excuse of seven children as a reason for not going.

Anyhow I think you've set some good goals, Carmen. Simple and very easy to maintain. I'll be praying for you! In the words of our elders (who love to give out foreboding messages) you only have one health *grin*

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Thank you, Rachel! : )

Unknown said...

The most important thing to remember is not to feel defeated, you need to continue exercising even if you are not able to accomplish as much as you hoped right away. You will eventually get there; you’ll start to feel healthier, and have a sense of pride in your commitment to your health.

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Discount Kitchen Cabinets said...

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