February 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Week 2

How did ya'll do on your Week 1 of Spring cleaning?  Last week's Spring cleaning chart break down is HERE.  

Tackle the chores a bit at a time...like doing all closets on the list at one time, all ceiling fans on the list at one time, etc.  Break it up into doable lists. Go through and decide what you need to get done this week and divide it up into however many days this week you have time.  A lot of the items on the list are done on a regular basis on the Motivated Mom's Planner.  If you've been keeping up with that then you don't have to do as much. *wink*  Go HERE to order the planner.  It's only $8!

I have the entire five week Spring Cleaning Check-List over HERE for you to print out.

I'll go through the list and share ideas for this week's chores...

declutter room

vacuum ceiling & corners -- Work from top to bottom

vacuum valances (wash if needed)

wash lights

wash window -- I use either the blue ammonia product or vinegar and water in a spray bottle.  I like to spray the window, wipe the window with crumpled up newspaper to loosen the dirt then wipe with a sheet of paper towel, then spray again and use a squeegee as a final non-streak step.  It really doesn't take as long as it seems and it has quite the nice result. (Don't forget to take the screens out and give them a good scrub.  You may have to wait for a really nice day to take them outside or if they are small enough they can bathe in the tub. )

wash walls  -- Use either a Magic Eraser or some baking soda/water paste on a dampened rag to wipe away difficult marks.  Be sure to follow after with a clean damp rag...both processes leave a residue.

wash rug & decorative towels

scrub tub -- Sprinkle the tub with baking soda.  Dampen a rag with vinegar and scrub the tub.  Inexpensive and not a chemical that can harm you!

vacuum floor edges & baseboards

scrub floor -- Use a rag, an old toothbrush, a bowl of steaming hot water, and some elbow grease.


declutter room  -- Use 3 trash bags to divide up clutter (trash, donate, keep) and work around the room clockwise from the door

clean lights

vacuum corners & ceiling  -- Work from top to bottom

dust greenery -- Put greenery in a paper sack with a handful of table salt.  Close up bag and shake well.  Take greenery out, shake off extra salt.  Voila!  Dust-free greenery!

wash windows

clean china cabinet -- Take pieces out carefully and hand wash if necessary.  Vacuum out the cabinet and dust shelves with a rag dampened with water (use a wood oil if necessary).

dust mantle, bakers rack & piano (or whatever pretties you have)

vacuum lamp shade

vacuum floor &  baseboards 

spot mop -- Use a damp warm rag. 


declutter room -- Use 3 trash bags to divide up clutter (trash, donate, keep) and work around the room clockwise from the door

clean light &  ceiling fan  

vacuum corners & ceiling -- Work from top to bottom

vacuum valances (wash if necessary)

dust hutches &  desks

vacuum computer keyboards and the vents on the hard drive

wash windows -- see above

vacuum floor &  baseboards

wash walls -- see above

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cooperkelly4 said...

HI Carmen, I am jumping on the cleaning band wagon a little late. =0) I am trying to go to your link to print the 5 week list and it is not taking me there. Is there another way to get there from here? =0) Thanks so much! Kelly

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