February 2, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

How ya'll doing on portion control and water intakeMy scale and I are sort of speaking to each other again.  I have lost 1 pound.  But, that's a start, so I'll take it!  I'm doing o.k. on portion control.  Not as small portions as I should have, but I'm not going back for seconds on anything so does that count?  I think so.  Water.  Hmm...water is um, well...water.  My mom and I both are trying to drink more water.  We've got the kiddos drinking more water, especially since it's cold season and a few have a wretched cough.  Water helps!  It helps you stay hydrated (I know, that's a given), makes your skin look better, cleans out your system (helping you lose weight), makes you feel fuller (helping you lose weight), can help those pesky headaches go away (often our head or muscles ache because we are dehydrated and don't know it!), helps you feel more energized by flushing the toxins out of your system, and helps the toilet paper companies stay in business!  Ha!  I've done some research and watching a few Dr. Oz shows helped, too.  I know, I'm not an expert but all that info makes pretty good sense, no? 

Our homestead is very old farm land and we have well water so we have no idea what is in the water as far as pesticides and contaminants.  We have a reverse osmosis filter system for our drinking water from the kitchen faucet and the refrigerator (ice maker and water spout) so I know our water is safe.  If you don't have an RO system you can buy bottled water or a filtered pitcher.  So from the tap it goes and into a regular old glass and it sits and we forget whose water glass is whose.   It's so un-fun. 

To solve our dilemma I bought my mom and I some cute cups at the store the other day.  They have straws which I think makes it fun and if you like to put lemon in your water (which we occasionally do) then it helps protect your teeth.  We've since been drinking our water like good little girls.  I had a "$10 off next shopping trip" coupon, too, so that made it seem like an even better idea!

Remember 8 - 8 oz. glasses of water a day!  (Milk and juices count, too!)  Portion control!  And today's tip:  Don't eat after dinner!  Drink water!  I know...a fairly simple tip, but helps so much!  

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ROBIN18447 said...

Trying to drink my 8 glasses of water.Portion control is working .My daughter is jumping on this band wagon..

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