March 2, 2011

A Dr. Seuss Giveaway!!

Instead of Weight Loss Wednesday we're doing something fun!  Oh come on.  You know weight loss is not fun at. all!  *wink*  So...

I would like to wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to  
Theodor Seuss Geisel. 
Otherwise known as Dr. Seuss! 

Dr. Seuss's ABC
 is one of my favorite books!  

This is one of my favorite because I have so many wonderful memories reading this to our children!  We have read it to all of our children so much that we're on our third dilapidated copy!  I can almost (almost!) say it from memory!  Love. It.!!! 

I love it soooo much that I'm going to give a copy of it away!  
(Not my copy...a new one!  *wink*)

Contest is now closed.  Congratulations to our winner, Jenna Z.!!, this isn't the "600th "fan" on FB giveaway"...we're still working on that. *hint*  This is spur of the the cuff!  

To make things simple just share what your favorite Dr. Seuss book is (and why!) and of course your name
(something distinctive like "Carmen with 7 kiddos from Northern Indiana").  

(Of course I would be grateful if you shared this giveaway with a friend or even blogged about it! -- There's even a little Facebook button on the bottom of this post just above where it says "comments" just a couple clicks you can share it on FB!)

(Each entry receives an ordinal number.  A number is chosen by the number generator at
 * * *
Contest starts now and ends at midnight TONIGHT! (EST)

So...what's your favorite?


Angie W said...

We, too, like the ABC book and even recited it playing the alphabet game in the car on a road trip. :) But, now, Levi loves to read The Eye Book!

cooperkelly4 said...

I am a fan of green eggs and ham. I know, original, but it is such a classic. Kelly with 4 in albuquerque.

Anonymous said...

When I was young, I liked "On Beyond Zebra" because I liked the idea of more letters in the alphabet. What wonderful words you could make up with more letters! My twin grandchildren just celebrated their 3rd birthday with a Dr. Seuss theme (sort of). We had silly names (mine was Grandma Lou Who) and we played a game where we put something in the Cat-in-the-Hat's hat (made out of poster board) and then the kids tried to guess what it was.
Their favorite Dr. Seuss book is "One Fish, Two Fish...."

Cathy (So. Illinois)

Angie @ said...

Wy children love the go dog go book and can almost recite the whole book.

We have not read this one yet but it sounds great.

ratzlaff (at) ptd . net

Jenna Z said...

I have always loved Horton Hatches an Egg. My grandmother got me a Horton stuffed animal and he came with a little nest and egg! I'll have to dig that out!

Jenna a Dr. Seuss and Corgi lover

Catherine said...

We like One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish! There are so many good ones though!
Catherine in West(by God)Virginia!

~the ten of us~ said...

Our favorite is still the ABC Book.

Kristi from Texas

Carmen at Old House Homestead said...

Lots of great books! Cathy, I love your ideas! You've got me thinking we might have to have a party next year in honor for Dr. Seuss! : )

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