March 17, 2011

Queen of the Castle: Week 11

We're switching this week's QOTC post with next week's since the topic is St. Patrick's Day.  (She also discussed Purim, too, but we'll stick with the 'ol Irish.) If you'd like to start at the beginning we started on week 17 of Queen of the Castle: 52 weeks of encouragement for the uninspired, domestically challenged or just plain tired homemaker HERE (in April of 2010).

My daddy had some Irish blood in him so I feel a little connection to this day.  However, St. Patrick wasn't Irish at all.  He was an English teenage boy who was kidnapped by pirates and brought to Ireland to be a slave.  Later he escaped, fled back to his homeland, then returned years later as a Christian missionary.  He converted many and baptized even more!  So this day is not about leprechauns, pots of gold, the "Luck 'o the Irish", or green beer.  It's about remembering a man who went and preached the gospel! 

Does our family celebrate St. Pat's day?  Sure, but we don't dye our well water green or anything.  *wink*  Tomorrow morning I'll serve the kiddos green pancakes, green eggs and green milk.  Good 'ol food coloring.  (I'll be sure to have them drink lots of water throughout the day!)  And if they don't turn green themselves I will read a book about St. Patrick's Day.  Lunch is going to be quick since we have a 4-H meeting, but they'll be happy to go and sport as much green as they can.  Don't want to get pinched, you know. *smile*  We're going to a friend's house on Friday so we'll be making the Shamrock Shakes that I posted about HERE.  That will be fun! 

Spring is almost here!  Just a few more days!  Yesterday we had nice weather (in the upper 50's!). Today we should break 60 and get close to 70!  Below are some fun "Spring is Here" ideas from Lynn.

*Paint your toenails bright red. (I prefer pink! I save red for the 4th of July and Christmas.)
*Bring your Bible outside for some warm-weather reading. (Take the kiddos out and read some books together on a blanket, too!)
*Dig out the short-sleeved shirts and sandals.  (Yesterday my friend Amy's tootsies donned pretty pink polish and sandals!  Super cute!  "Hi, Amy!")
*Start doing those push-ups and sit ups. (Good tip since I missed Weight Loss Wednesday yesterday!)
*Discuss summer vacation plans with your family.  (We have our campsites in northern Michigan reserved!  We're counting down the days!)
*Make a list of Easter activities you want to include in this year's celebration.  Write them on your family calendar.  (I'll post some ideas for you in the coming weeks.)

- - -

"Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I shall rescue you, and you will honor Me." Psalm 50:15

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