October 8, 2011

Birthday Palooza: My Favorite Things!

What a fun week!  I had all the fun and excitement I can handle this week with all these giveaways!  I hope you all have had fun, too!  Since it's my birthday and all I thought I'd leave you with list of my favorite things.

My hubby!

My Girls!

My Boys!

Fall!  (and silliness!)

Spiced Chai!
*click on the pic to purchase at my Etsy site

Christmas Music!
(Which I started playing last week!)

Christmas with Harry Connick Jr.
(You can't go wrong with Harry!  Love his voice!)

and last but not least...
This Blog and all the Wonderful Friends I've Made!

*  *  *

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Go HERE to play the trivia game to win a prize!

Go HERE to enter to win a set of storage tins!

Go HERE to guess baby's birth date to win a cookbook! 

All contests end Monday the 10th! at midnight!

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