October 7, 2011

Birthday Palooza: Guess the Birth Date Giveaway!

One more giveaway!  I hope you all are enjoying the fun!  I know I am!

This giveaway winner won't be announced until the new little blessing is born so ya'll might have to be patient.  I have been hush-hush at sharing the due date with a lot of people because all of you who have had babies know that the last thing you want to hear on or after your due date is "You're still around?!" or something interesting *a-hem* like that.  But...for the sake of this giveaway I only think it's fair to share.

Our due date is November 4th. 

*sigh*  There..it's out.

So...onto the giveaway.  

Leave a comment (only one per person, please) with your estimate 
of when you think our little bundle will make his or her entrance (month and date).  

Contest starts right now and comments will be closed on Monday, October 10th at midnight.  I know...short amount of time, but you never know when I may go into labor.  *wink*

The prize?

Every new mom's helper...easy meals and crock pots!

Whoever guesses the correct date will be the winner!  (If more than one person guesses the correct date then they'll have to duke it out in a game of rock-paper-scissors.  Just kidding!  I'll have one of my kidlets draw the winning name.)

Winner will be sent a copy of this wonderful cookbook!  I did a review of it last summer.  You can find those reviews and recipes HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.  Phew! 

*  *  *


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larakaye76 said...

I will guess 10-30. I am prob way off but there you go! ;-)

ZONE F DG TEAM said...

Oct 27, 2011


Rhonda said...

Guessing November 1st.

T. Pierce said...

terry @www.sweetteaandarockingchair.blogspot.com guesses November 4!

Anonymous said...



Prepared Teacher said...

I think November 2nd.... not on time but not to early..

Sheryl Lynn said...

Nov 11, sorry but I chose late date :)

M.j. said...

I will say Oct.27th just because that was when my daughter was born.....ciao4now64@yahoo.com

~Ava Kinsey said...

I am going to say November 12th which is my Grandma's birthday (She will be 90 this year!).

Sue D said...

I will guess November 3rd.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

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