July 6, 2012


How was your 4th of July?  Ours was relaxing and fun.  We made pumpkin donuts for breakfast!  Yummy!  (Don't worry the recipe is coming soon!)

We didn't step foot outside, though.  Too hot and dry to enjoy fireworks, s'mores, etc.  The kiddos asked if we could do s'mores and I told them to put a marshmallow on a poker and stick it out the front door in the sun.  It would roast soon enough!  *wink*  The kids are antsy to do s'mores but that won't happen with our 100+ degree temperatures.  Not worth it to sit around a camp fire and roast, roast, roast!  We have a cold front coming through I believe Sunday so we're hoping to do some fun outdoor activities soon!  (Like put our pool liner in so we can use the pool!)

 Little man started standing without help this week and is so proud of himself!

Our garden is doing well.  Hubby has been out every morning to check on it, water and weed.  Then he comes in drenched like he took a shower out there!  Hot I tell ya!  I don't know how you southern folks stand the heat!  We northern Indiana folk like it less than 80!  *smile*

 The boys decided that they love the Star Wars station on Pandora.  It makes for a nice backdrop to a saber fight!  *wink*

Our girls made patriotic cupcakes and (most of) the kiddos took them to our immediate neighbors to wish them a Happy Independence Day!

What did ya'll do for the 4th?  Do tell?!

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