July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Hey there ya'll!  Happy 4th of July! 

It's so hot and dry here in Northern Indiana that there's a burn ban so we can't do fireworks from home and it's too stinkin' hot to go watch them somewhere.  Maybe if our van was air conditioned we might go sit and watch, but we're staying home!

We'll make some goodies, play some games (inside!), and watch a few movies.  Tonight hubby, my mom, the two teenagers and I will pop some popcorn and watch our annual viewing of The Patriot!  Love. Love that movie!  "Aim small, miss small."  Love it!

Our menu for the day is grilled hot dogs and hamburgers (hubby's going to grill them before it gets too hot), crock pot mac-n-cheese, corn on the cob, veggies, baked beans, and for dessert we have peanut butter pie and key lime pie.  The girls are making cupcakes to munch on throughout the day...I bought some lovely patriotic cupcake holders and sprinkles (from our favorite local cake supply store) for our small groups/4th cookout that didn't happen because of our loooong power outage.

Enjoy the day, folks!  Thank the Lord for your independence!  And pray like dixie for our country...we need it!

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was just reading through your blog you make my heart sing. GOD Bless you.
D in Co

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