December 12, 2011

Kitchen Tip Tuesday: More Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

**I'm reposting this again because I've added it to the Holiday Barn Hop
I shared several ideas last week from Gooseberry Patch.  There were just so many that I loved that I
thought I'd share a few more with you!

Use a colorful quilt or length of red homespun as a holiday tablecloth.

* * *

Create a tree skirt to treasure.  Lightly brush your children's hands with water-soluble paint and have them gently press their handprints onto a length of unbleached muslin.  Use a permanent marker to add their names and the year.  Tiny baby hand and foot prints would be darling, too!

* * *

Nestle a small artificial evergreen in an empty flour sack...perfect for the kitchen!

* * *

String cranberries onto florist's wire, then shape into a heart or star.

* * *

(This idea is mine...)
Use cookie cutters to decorate your kitchen!  Loop ribbon through and tie in a bow.  Hang from chandeliers, window panes, knobs of cupboards.  Or just pile them in a beautiful basket and make it a centerpiece for the counter!

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1 comment:

Abbi said...

Thank you for the cookie cutter idea! That is something that I have but haven't used in decorating yet.

I would love to have you stop by my blog and see some of the Christmas things we have going on.

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